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Dr.B is the COOLEST orthodontist ever!!

The ladies are extremely nice and want to get to know you! Dr. B also wants to get to know you and how you are doing on a daily basis! All in all, Bodine Orthodontics is the ABSOLUTE BEST PLACE to get braces, a retainer, or just go and talk to the people there! They make me feel at home while I’m there! Thanks, Bodine Orthodontics!!!

Jacob M.

Prosper, TX

I have never been to an office like this!

Start to finish, every person is so nice and helpful! Honestly, their customer service and patient care is second to none!

Gina Z.

Prosper, TX

I don't recommend anyone else!

Dr. Bodine is amazing! He has taken such great care of both my boys. He is a perfectionist. I will always trust our families smiles to Dr. Bodine and his amazing staff!

Stuart B.

Prosper, TX

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Heather Swartwout

I cannot recommend Dr. Bodine and his entire staff enough! From the first visit to today, everyone has always been very professional and great to work with. They make you feel at home when you are there. I am so glad I chose Bodine Orthodontics for my daughter! Thank you Dr. Bodine and staff! 🙂

Sarah Bora

I got my braces of about 20 hours ago and it has been so amazing have pretty teeth. I had such a great experience with Dr. Bodine and everyone in his office. I never had any trouble with anyone in his office and everyone treated me so important. It was such a happy place and I loved going.

Brett Bryner

We absolutely love Bodine Orthodontics and highly recommend them for orthodontia care. Everyone there is really friendly! They have been very accommodating of our schedule and they've offered flexible payment options to ensure our care comes first. The office is very clean and the staff is really organized. My oldest son's teeth look great and my youngest will be ready for braces w Bodine soon!

paula lavalais

I was not satisfied with the orthodontic work done for my daughter. I asked Dr. B if he was pleased with it and was not satisfied with his answer. In my opinion, the answer he gave should have been communicated prior to her getting braces to set realistic expectations. Her teeth were pretty straight when she initially came out of the braces, but that soon changed ( teeth soon moved). To fix this they tried to put some type of "chain" (old school device)...that did not work. Not to mention, the staff that assisted with putting it on had a very difficult time. She kept missing the mark and the tool that she used (repeatedly) hit my daughter's gums; making them bleed and hurt to the point of tears! While there were a few very nice people working there, it is my opinion that the majority of the staff is friendly to "select people" (not all people)...including Dr. B. He has, literally, come over to my daughter's chair with me sitting right there, but did not even speak to me! I would not recommend this place no matter how many stars they have.

Christi Beerley

We have loved having Dr. B as our ortho. He made our son feel relaxed from the very first moment we met him. Everyone in the office was always great and patient with our son, who is on the spectrum and not always compliant. 🙂 We can't say enough good things about this office.